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Accelerate UP

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What we Do

Accelerate UP offers complimentary and confidential business coaching services to budding entrepreneurs and established business owners in Marquette County. Our mission is to facilitate your business journey, whether you're embarking on a startup venture, seeking to expand an existing enterprise, or diversifying your business portfolio.

Our unique approach involves personal, one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to the specific needs of entrepreneurs. Our dedicated team, a diverse assembly of talented community leaders, works in synergy to bring forth innovative solutions and fresh perspectives.

We are not just about business advice; we provide an enriching connection and steadfast support, standing by you during times of growth, success, and challenge. Our collective insights and connections are leveraged to aid selected clients in turning their business aspirations into reality.

To date, over 600 entrepreneurs have worked with Accelerate UP. Interest in the project has been generated throughout the county with the Resource Team making over 900 personal introductions of the Executive Director to people in the community and by word of mouth. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the board has continued to grow.

Who We are

Accelerate UP is a nonprofit organization that offers free and confidential business coaching within Marquette County. We are comprised of paid staff and a dedicated group of volunteers from all over the county who care passionately about the success and sustainability of our region. We formed in order to assist entrepreneurs in creating, expanding, and maintaining their business ventures. We do this for the same reason that early pioneers helped their neighbors by barn raising – we know it will strengthen and sustain our communities.​

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